JP McCurdy Electrical

JP McCurdy Electrical

December 20, 2022

Where were you the other night? I couldn’t get a hold of you – every time I tried to call you I just got disconnected after a few broken words…”

These days, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. Are you forced to move near a window or even step outside to place a call or retrieve voice mail on your mobile phone? Just imagine if you had to make that phone call in an emergency situation and couldn’t.

McCurdy Electric is a dealer for Wilson Electronics, a leading manufacturer of In-Building Wireless Amplifier systems. Check out this video from a news station in Pittsburgh – it focuses on just one Wilson Electronics product, but the principle is the same for their entire line of great products:

The benefits:

  • You are able to stay connected anywhere in your building. Without any direct connection to your phone, you will have no more dead zones. This system is truly “wire-less.”
  • Works with all major carriers. Whatever company you have your cell phone contract with, Wilson makes a system for you. You’re not just stuck with one company either – if you decide to switch carriers, the system will still continue to work for you.
  • Save money by cutting costs! We have a simple Wilson Electronics system installed at our office, like the one shown in the above video. We truly could not operate our business without it. In the past, our Electricians out in the field used to call the office land line when they had to contact us. That ate up valuable “minutes” very quickly, which our cell phone bill reflected. Now, we have a perfect signal everywhere in our office and they call us on our company cell phones, utilizing the phone-to-phone unlimited minutes included in our mobile contract.
  • Increased bandwidth and completely 3G and 4G compatible. You may not have the need for a wireless router once you have one of these systems installed. You can easily stream music, retrieve large files, and perform many other actions with ease. At our office, we can use our laptop anywhere in the building and the USB wireless adapter stays perfectly connected all the time.
  • Increased battery life. When your phone is struggling to stay connected to a cell tower, it eats up the battery. With up to 20 times the power of the cell phone alone, this system will certainly save you from plugging in your phone as frequently.
  • When we design and install the system, it’s guaranteed to work. We offer a free site analysis and design of the system, customized for your unique application.

This is one of those products that when you have it, you couldn’t imagine life without it.

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JP McCurdy Electrical

JP McCurdy Electrical


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