JP McCurdy Electrical

JP McCurdy Electrical

November 17, 2022


A generator is a great addition to your home for several reasons.

Most importantly having a generator can be extremely useful during tough New England winters.

If you are away on vacation and the power goes out you will have peace of mind

that your pipes won’t freeze and the sump pump if needed will run.
Here are some reasons why…
Relief from a cold winter

Power outages are very common and can happen during any season. But when your home is left without power during a
heavy storm a generator can save the day. Homes need to be heated during cold winter months. We all know when there
is extra snow and sleet on power lines you may loose power to your home.
Living in New England the weather is so unpredictable this small investment is well worth the safety it will bring to you and your family.
Ease of use
Generators are easy to use and our trained professionals will make sure you are comfortable with running your new generator. We
also set you up on a service plan and are always here to answer any questions. 


Help during emergency situations

Generators can be a life saver during emergency power situations throughout the year. Power problems can happen at anytime due
to natural disasters or technical problems at power plants. Living with the unpredictable New England weather a Generator is a great
investment for you and your family all year round.
At J.P. McCurdy Electric we’ll provide the right generators for your home.
Call J.P. McCurdy Electric today for a free estimate.
JP McCurdy Electrical

JP McCurdy Electrical


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