A Quick Guide to Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

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JP McCurdy Electrical

JP McCurdy Electrical

December 14, 2023

EV Charging at Home: A Quick Guide to Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles are now made by almost every car manufacturer, with many in the works to come to the market by 2025 or sooner. According to Forbes several brands plan to go all-electric in the next 10-15 years.

Purchasing an electric vehicle has many pros:

  • Saving money on gas (nearly $1000 per year)
  • Environmentally friendly, lowering C02 emissions
  • An electric motor means less maintenance
  • Save money through Federal rebates, State tax credits, and incentive programs through electric utilities.

If you’re considering purchasing an EV or PHEV, you may also consider where you’ll charge your new vehicle. You’ve likely seen the charging stations at shopping centers, town centers, and even library parking lots. Which is a great option when you are visiting those places and running errands. But it might not always be the most convenient option.

An investment in an EV charging station means the convenience of charging your EV whenever you need to. Drive to work, run errands, and charge your vehicle once you return home or overnight while you sleep. Plus, it may even be less expensive to tap into your home electricity vs a public metered charger.

Where is the best place to install my EV charging station? 

Your EV likely comes with a Level 1 charging unit. However, we recommend a Level 2 charger, which is capable of charging your EV much quicker.  This requires a dedicated circuit from the electrical panel.

Where you install your EV charger will depend on a couple of factors:

  • Where you park your EV will be the most significant factor for the location of your charging station. 
  • Where your electrical panel is located.
  • Charging stations are rated both for outdoor (mounted on an outside wall) and indoor use (inside your garage). 
  • Charging stations come with up to a 25ft cable for added flexibility in the placement of the unit. 

How to schedule your free estimate

You can trust our electricians to stay current on the latest EV home charging station technology trends.  The McCurdy Electric team will provide an assessment for your exact needs.

Contact J.P. McCurdy Electrical Services at (781) 595-7074 for more information and to schedule a free estimate for your EV Charging Station home installation.


JP McCurdy Electrical

JP McCurdy Electrical


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