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JP McCurdy Electrical

November 17, 2022

Spring is the time of year when people seem instinctively ready to clean out, upgrade, and remodel their homes. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, home makeovers, or even individual room makeovers are not in their budget. Not to worry, McCurdy Electric has an inexpensive, yet very effectual idea for anyone in that situation, by upgrading your home lighting! Contemporary, more energy efficient light fixtures, and designs are great at lighting up your home to give it a fresh, bright look that fulfills your need to update your living space, but without the inflated price tag.

Home Lighting Upgrade Ideas

Consider these ideas for upgrading the lighting in your home. Furthermore, remember, when lighting up your home with new light fixtures, understand that even though the project may seem like an easy DIY, home lighting and its core wiring can create potential hazards if not installed by a licensed, professional, residential electrician.

Recessed Lighting

Are the lights in your home lighting the desired areas? Are there sections that you wish were brighter, or are there sections you wish were a little dimmer? This is a common predicament in homes with the old standby single light fixtures hanging in the center of the ceiling. It is also a general problem in kitchens and home offices, because the stationary central home lighting is ineffective at casting light where you need it and creating shadows where you don’t want them. Consider recessed lighting to highlight the areas you want to brighten or draw more attention to. This is also a great idea if you have a particular centerpiece or a work of art you want to highlight in a specific room.

Spruce It Up

Heavy, hanging lights, and ceiling fans can date a room and distract from the look. There are several different home lighting plans and more updated light fixtures you can use, depending on the look you have in mind. Yet again, recessed lighting removes visual obstruction from the ceiling and can actually make a room appear bigger and more open while focusing the light where you want it. Magnificent, striking chandeliers can also brighten and add attention and panache to a room.

Unconventional Placement

In some cases, lighting up your home means creating an uplifting and unexpected atmosphere by placing lights in unconventional places. Hanging a pendant lamp in a out-of-the-way reading nook, using bold and artistic light fixtures or casting soft or colored lights along walls to create attention and enjoyment without a great deal of expense.

Layered Light

By layering your home lighting, you can achieve all kinds of lighting goals. For example, overhead lighting can cast a glow over everything in a room quickly. Task lighting in the same room is focused on a particular section where you need to work or read. Accent lights are terrific for lighting up your home with special highlights focused on artwork, collectibles, or antiques.


Dimmers are cost-effective, and highly recommended. Not only does this help you save energy by using less light when you don’t need it, but it makes mood lighting easy, as well. There are literally hundreds of ways to use dimmers with different light fixtures.

In conclusion, if you are eager to update your home’s look, try lighting up your home with new light fixtures for a reasonable, and multipurpose update! To talk about your home lighting needs with an experienced residential electrician call J.P. McCurdy Electrical Services today!

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JP McCurdy Electrical

JP McCurdy Electrical


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