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Where to Mount That New TV?

December 16, 2018

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, many of you sport fans may be thinking about purchasing a new TV, especially a larger model. Prices really do drop ahead of the Big Game. Big screens run 5 to 10 percent cheaper during the week leading up to the Super Bowl than they are in the previous three months.

Whichever team you're rooting for, the Super Bowl has become a great excuse to go shopping for a new TV. Once you get that huge new TV home, you may be contemplating where to mount it.

You may seek creative ways to incorporate a TV into a space. How do you include that big box in your everyday life without it overpowering the room?

TV Mounted One

Some people have both a living room and a family room, which allows a separate space for casual TV viewing and a more formal space for sitting or entertaining. However, many households need to squeeze that television into just one main living space and a common solution among renters or homeowners is to mount the television above the mantel.

Mounting the television over the fireplace establishes one focal point instead of two, so it’s a sensible solution for that reason, since furniture can be arranged around that singular viewing zone.

One thing homeowners must plan for when mounting a television above a fireplace is the location of wiring. An electrician can assist with that and where to place the equipment and speakers and in the clever hiding of unattractive wires.


TV Mounts

A sure way to achieve balance is to closely align the size of the television screen with the size of the fireplace box. The temperature is always a concern for any television mounted above a fireplace, so take precautionary measures with framing and Sheetrock ensure the heat to the flat screen doesn’t rise above 90 degrees.

Opting for a gray frame when making a purchase is one way to help the television recede into a lighter background. Incorporating software that will project landscapes or other soothing images when it’s not in use is a clever way to make the television mimic artwork.

How big should your TV be? The answer often varies when you ask women and men. Most men prefer larger screens, especially the sports fans!

The general rule of thumb is that the distance from the television screen and your viewing spot should be between two to three times its width. Ex: with a 32” screen, sit between 5 ½ and 8 feet (96”) away for the best entertainment experience.

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