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The Future of Electricity

January 12, 2019

Solar Cells one

At McCurdy Electrical Services, we like to take a progressive look at how our electrical system works in this day and age. This is a particularly interesting subject in our world today, because there is a good chance that the ways that we produce, distribute and use electricity are on the edge of drastic change.

 Keeping up with these changes is important because if we're going to be performing electrical work and perhaps upgrading electrical wiring or installing new lighting we want to be able to educate our customers about the best technologies and those are always the ones that are as future proof as possible.

 It is crucial to know something about the future of electricity as an electrician, because without this information we are unable to help our customers make educated decisions about whether to upgrade electrical wiring, install solar panels, or make any other major electrical modifications and improvements to their homes and businesses.

This is why we are very much aware of the changes that may possibly be coming in the very near future. There is a sayings that is often used these days ‘off-the-grid’. This phrase typically suggests a home which produces all (or most of) its own power and is then able to exist without the standard electrical system that most of us depend on.

 In the future, this kind of redistribution of electricity production may become even more common, especially as we switch from concentrated fossil fuel energy sources to green energy sources.

 What does that mean for you the consumer? It means that equipping your home for this kind of upgrade to your electrical wiring and adding power production capacity can increase your self-sufficiency and your flexibility to future electric and energy shocks which may develop. It also means that you should look into tax and other incentives for these kinds of upgrades which are either in place or coming in the near future.


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