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Storm Preparedness Includes a Power Generator

March 7, 2020

So far in 2016, New England and in particular the Greater Boston area was spared the high-impact weather that can come almost every season from snow storms to scorching summer heat to autumn hurricanes or more tropical storm-like conditions. Any of these natural conditions can cause power outages.

The other cause, which is too often taken for granted, are the large power utility grid outages brought about primarily by those equipment failures.

Your answer to piece of mind is a home or commercial generator: a permanently installed standby generator or an immediate back-up portable generator.

At J.P. McCurdy Electric Co., www.jpmccurdyelectric.com we offer both options through one of the world’s finest small-engine manufacturers, the Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

So here’s how to take the stress out of power interruption situations; stresses caused by a lack of refrigeration resulting in spoiled food, heating and/or cooling systems to keep you from the likes of frozen pipes or failed sump pumps and cooking stoves and ovens, all of which provide everyday living comforts.

A Briggs & Stratton Home or Commercial Stand-by Generator System installation takes care of a home’s more high-wattage appliances like air conditioning units, stoves and clothes dryers.

Depending on your business needs, type of electrical service and needs, a standby generator can provide reliable temporary power for office equipment and small machinery.

 These generator systems need to be professionally installed to your existing natural gas or propane line so when poweris interrupted, this generator automatically turns on within seconds. Now that’s worry-free piece of mind! The system also continuously monitors itself periodically so as to be ready when weather or emergency strike.

The other option offered by Briggs & Stratton is the immediate back-up power supply of the Portable Generator. This a unit growing in popularity, typically powered by gasoline and maneuverable around your property, designed to provide reliable temporary power during an outage to a few essential items like appliances, TVs, refrigerators and basic light circuits. Designed for quick transition, the home or business owner flips a switch to de-activate the everyday main panel and activate the emergency stand-by panel until neighborhood power grids are restored. Like its big brother systems, the portable generator needs to have the stand-by electrical panel to the home’s circuitry designed and installed by a professional for ensured reliability.

Again that’s where the quality work of J.P. McCurdy Electric Co. www.jpmccurdyelectric.com is your best choice.

With offices around greater Boston and the North Shore, they are certified and highly qualified electricians and technicians waiting to help your home or business be ready to deal with weather-related or other emergency conditions at a moment’s notice.

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