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Safety Issues with Knob and Tube Wiring

March 24, 2019

knob and tube wiring


Frequently, issues that happen with knob and tube wiring are due to old fittings wearing out, or from some non-standard changes that were made to the electric system by either the previous owner, or by an unprofessional, unlicensed electrician. This typically occurred when additional outlets were installed combining new Romex cable with old knob and tube wire, which is like putting a square peg into a round hole.

Knob and tube wiring also has rubber insulation, which creates additional safety issues. As time passes, rubber erodes, exposing copper wires to moisture in the air, which significantly increases the chance of a short circuit, or a fire.

Another problem with knob and tube wiring is it’s limitation with load demands. Frequently, homeowners in need of extra outlets would hire electrical contractors to add extra outlets to the existing knob and tube wires. These additions create the danger of overloading the electrical systems, especially with today’s power-intensive appliances and devices.

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