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Reasons for an Electrical Inspection

August 26, 2019

An electrical safety inspection involves a comprehensive check-up of your entire electrical system. Over time and with frequent use, all electrical installations have a tendency to deteriorate.

mom and kidsA regular electrical inspection should be performed to analyze and evaluate the condition of your electrical system for these reasons:

1)  An inspection makes certain that your fixtures are safe to use
2)  An inspection identifies faulty or degraded wiring
3)  An inspection reveals electrical hazards
4)  An inspection reveals improper grounding or bonding

Therefore, an electrical inspection determines whether the electrical system is good for continued use, or hides any impending dangerous electrical hazards.

It is important that an electrical safety inspection be carried out only by licensed professionals. J.P. McCurdy Electrical Services offers a 37-point whole house electrical inspection with a written report.

Many people evade an electrical inspection until an electrical problem happens. We suggest that you be more proactive and make full use of our 37-point whole house electrical inspection.

Electrical hazards, such as damaged wire insulation and poor grounding, cause hundreds of accidental electrocution deaths annually in the United States. Overloaded circuits, poor quality electrical equipment and misuse of electrical products are examples of electrical hazards that lead to fire, and injuries.

Our timely and thorough 37-point whole house electrical inspection protects you from electrical risk and helps you to:

Live with peace of mind
Use your electrical system with confidents
Reduce your personal and financial risk

Keep your home free from electrical danger call J.P. McCurdy Electrical Services for your inspection today! 781-595-7074, email: info@mccurdyelectric.com, or www.mccurdyelectric.com

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