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Protect your Home from Ice and Snow Damage

October 15, 2018


Ice Dam


Past winters, heavy snow and ice buildup have caused an eruption of roofs to collapse throughout the homes in the Northeast. After a fresh snowfall roofs are snow-capped and look beautiful, and quite charming. However, don’t be fooled by the beauty. Snow contains a great amount of weight, and the weight rises enormously when rain, ice and sleet are added to the mix. Approximately two feet of snow on an average sized roof can be the equivalent of 19 tons according to experts. Consequently, all of this weight places a enormous amount of stress on your roof and weakens its structures. Furthermore, the melting of the mass of snow can cause water leakage, then can decay roofs, destroy insulation, flood attics, ruin gutters and damage the interior of your home.

Before trying to remove snow from your roof, consider that clearing a roof can be a hazardous chore. Think before you decide to go on the roof with a shovel in hand to attempt doing it yourself.  Most experts don’t support the idea of people climbing onto their roofs to remove the buildup, as the weight of a person may be just enough to trigger the roof to collapse. Additionally, taking the wrong step can easily send you sliding down your roof, putting your life in danger.

Another destructive winter hazard to consider is ice dams. With another frigid New England winter ahead of us, homeowners should be aware that icicles hanging from the gutters can mean trouble. This could be a sign of serious damage occurring due to ice dams.

An ice dam is a wall of ice that forms at the edge of the roof, usually at the gutters or soffit.  When it forms, the water backs behind the ice dam and creates a pool.  This pool of water can leak into your home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.

The good news is there is a safe solution to ice dams, roof snow, as well as frozen pipes, icy driveways, and walkways. A line of self-regulating and mineral insulated freeze protection products provides freeze protection for metal or plastic pipes, roof and gutter de-icing, and slab de-icing for commercial and residential applications.

All freeze protection products can be controlled using a variety of thermostats, controllers, sensors, and control panels.

For installation, or for further information about all freeze protection products, please contact McCurdy Electrical Services today. phone: 781-595-7074 * email: info@mccurdyelectric.com


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