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Preventative Maintenance & Thermal Imaging - An Electrical Safety Tip From McCurdy Electric

July 2, 2010

The MA State Fire Marshal recommends that you have your electrical system inspected every 10 years. The following is taken directly from a press release from earlier this year:

“Electrical wiring, like all other systems, needs maintenance and inspection. Homeowners should have a qualified electrician examine their electrical system every ten years. A licensed electrician who obtains a permit when required should do all electrical work. The permit process protects the homeowner by requiring that an inspector check that work is done correctly.”

The last part of the statement above is very important too. When getting work done of any kind at your home or business, always be sure that the contractor pulls a permit. This is to make sure that the contractor you’re hiring is licensed and has the proper types of insurance. It is really for your protection.

It is proven that when a preventative maintenance program (referred to as a PM program) is in place, it will save you money in the long run. This is true for both homeowners and business owners alike. Basically, when a piece of equipment breaks down because of neglect, it is more costly to fix the problem at that point than it would have been to prevent the problem in the first place. One way of checking for problems is by utilizing a technology known as Thermal Imaging.

A Thermal Image of a Receptacle Outlet

Using Thermal Imaging tools, we can check for problems on a piece of equipment just by “looking” at it. When looking at an electrical panel, If a spot is unusually hot, there’s an excellent chance of either a loose connection or an overloaded circuit. Connections become loose over time, and that is just one of the reasons preventative maintenance is needed (especially on electrical panels).

The thermal image camera is also a useful tool for energy conservationists to check out cold spots in a home and see where you might need some more insulation. Check out this video from Fluke, a leading manufacturer in the Thermal Imaging industry to learn more.

As added value to you our customer, McCurdy Electric offers a free visual safety inspection with a written report with every service call. We are dedicated to safety!

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