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Outdoor Lighting and Landscape

March 24, 2015


Once considered a luxury, outdoor lighting has now become something of a necessity. Lighting and landscaping go together to make the most pleasurable of all settings. Not only is the lighting terrific for security, it gives a pleasing ambiance to any gathering outdoors. It makes your landscape, garden, and deck or patio even more entertaining.

If your patio and yard don’t have landscape lighting, once the sun goes down, your patio and landscape have a tendency of hiding in the darkness. You may say that, without landscape lighting, you really have half a patio and half the landscape. Though, with strategically placed outdoor lighting, your patio and landscape come to life at night. The ambiance is even more impressive than during the day.


With outdoor lighting, that barbecue turns into a late night party. Even on quiet nights at home alone, subtle lighting creates a tranquil meditative mood. Landscape lighting turns your patio into an all-around entertainment area.

Outdoor lighting must be strategically placed to make the most of the area. What you would like to hide and what you would like to bring attention to must be considered. Paying attention to corners and potential hiding spots are important to discourage intruders. Scattering lights about the area is far better than trying to use a few large lights.

To conclude, your new outdoor lighting system will greatly enhance the overall curb appeal of your residence. Your home’s beauty and distinctive features can be visible all day and night. By selecting your home’s distinctive focal points, you can use lighting to highlight your favorite elements of the home.


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