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Outdated and Damaged Electrical Panels

February 6, 2014

Is there a major appliance in your home that is not working? Do you have flickering lights, power loss, or TV’s are damaged by power fluctuations? Are there crackling sounds coming from your major electronics? These could all be signs of a damaged panel, which should not be ignored!

An electrical panel is the core of a home’s electrical system. Outdated and damaged panels leave homes open to grim fire hazards and can damage appliances and electrical equipment. Oftentimes, older panels cannot handle the load placed on their systems by today’s power usage. It may not accurately protect your home from over-currents and short circuits. An outdated or damaged panel is a major fire hazard.

Electrical panels can potentially be costly to replace. There is no DIY for electrical panels. A damaged panel can only be inspected, troubleshoot, and repaired by a qualified electrical professional.

Putting off a damaged or outdated electrical panel could be very dangerous and a professional electrician should be hired. Typically, you would not get your damaged electrical panels repaired, so an electrical panel replacement would be necessary to solve an issue with an existing panel. Some common reasons that your electrical panel may need to be replaced are…

Breaker Overheats
Outdated Technology
Split-buss Panels
Cheap Builder-Grade Panels
Panels Contaminated by Water or Paint

Here at McCurdy Electrical Services we use the best electrical panels for your electrical panel replacement. Our crew will replace your panel box from your old and out-of-date electrical panel to a new and more state-of-the-art one. With new technology it only makes sense that older homes may not be able to take on the power needed by today’s demands. Keep yourself and your family safe and updated. Call McCurdy Electric for peace of mind, we’ll do the rest.

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