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How Smart is Your Home?

May 10, 2012

Touch Screen InstallationYou've probably noticed the ads on TV for companies like Comcast, Verizon, ADT, and others offering Smart Home products. These offer great solutions for controlling systems in your home such as lighting, temperature, security alarms and video, both at home, from your Smartphone, or Computer from anywhere in the world. How awesome is that!

However, there are many reports of negative experiences ranging from serious system bugs to a plain lack of customer support and product knowledge. Plus, they want to lock you into having to use their services by making you pay for 3 years of monthly monitoring at $40 per month. What would you do if you wanted to switch service providers, or use your system’s equipment utilizing another company’s services?

I believe there’s a better way.

I’m not trying to put them down, but the big companies I mentioned earlier do not have technicians with as much experience as we do as licensed, qualified electricians. Their expertise lies in Cable TV and Telephone, ours covers a much broader spectrum. We have acquired years of experience with Line Voltage Lighting Controls, Temperature Controls, Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Networking, not to mention Cable TV and Telephone. This allows us to offer a better integrated system.

Control4 iPad

With the solutions that we can offer, such as a Control4 system, you aren't forced to lock into a lengthy contract with mandatory monthly payments. You also have the ability to shop around more and be the wise consumer you are, instead of having to stick with one company exclusively for the term of their contract.

A Control4 system allows you to:

• Have only one remote for your entertainment center and get rid of multiple remotes.
• Create the perfect lighting scenes and manage energy usage - such as “entertain” in the kitchen, “movie time” in the den, and an “all off” button at the front door for when you leave the house.
• Get a text message alert when the kids arrive home from school, or if you forgot to close the garage door.
• Integrated smart door locks with custom user codes.
• Advanced temperature control to maximize energy savings.
• Alarm system integration to receive alerts as well as controllability.
• Music in every room - you can even store all of your content digitally for instant access.
• Video content in every room - watch your movies on demand.
• And much, much more.

And of course there are remote accessibility features allowing you to keep watch when you’re away.

You’re going to be seeing a lot more advertisements for Smart Home and Integration systems. We invite you to do your own research, and of course we’re always here to answer your questions and offer free advice. Be sure you consult with the pros, and please consider us as a resource.

Click here to check out our Integration page for some great discount packages!

Thanks for reading.

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