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4 Benefits of Being Our Customer

February 8, 2011

At McCurdy Electric, our number one goal is customer satisfaction.  You might even call this article a “mission statement.”  The following four points outline what we’re about and what you get for being a McCurdy Electric customer.

Relationships are everything.  We don’t just appreciate your business, we value it.  It is vitally important that you hire a company who you know will always be there, as well as one you can trust to come into your home or business.  We will do our best to always send the same service technician to you, so you’ll always know who to expect.  That way, your technician will know the ins and outs of your system.  In a nutshell, we strive for excellent customer service, and aim to provide nothing but the best from people you trust.

It can save serious money.
  Time is money.  The less time spent on your job, the more money you save.  If a different company is used each time a problem arises, they will charge you for the time it takes to learn your systems and equipment and to find out where everything is.  When you stick with the same company, they already know your equipment and systems, and where everything is located.

Added value.  At McCurdy Electric, we offer a free site condition and equipment report, and we store that information in our database.  It will include data such as equipment manufacturers, model numbers, and even safety concerns that we might find.  That way, when something goes wrong in the future, we can have a head-start on the issue and even have parts ready in-hand before we send a technician your way.  Instead of you paying a technician for his time running to get a particular part, we can already have that part on the truck!  We also keep track of warranty information, so if something goes wrong with a product you just had installed, you won’t be spending money needlessly for a new part.

You’ll always know where to find us.  We answer all phone calls personally during normal business hours.  That means that if you call us, you’ll talk to a live person directly in our office – no “answering service” or an impersonal voicemail!  Not to speak poorly about the one-man show contractor, but you might have a hard time tracking them down sometimes.  You’ll always know where to find us -- and it’s our pleasure to serve you.

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